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Covid has changed our way of life, usually in very bad ways.  But when it comes to webinars, Covid was perhaps the…manure…that fertilized an amazing crop of outstanding webinars. Perhaps you have seen one or two or twenty.  If so, Plastic Solutions would like to hear from you.


Internationally-acclaimed experts and speakers from around the world have shared their knowledge on a plethora of webinars that are now available online.  Some excellent ones are languishing with only a few dozen views. ESRAG Plastic Solutions would like to shine a light on webinars that have tackled plastic topics, and is putting out the call for Webinar recommendations from its members.


By crowd-sourcing excellent webinar presentations, Plastic Solutions hopes to accomplish two goals:
  • Identify the best webinars from universities and professional knowledge sources, then share (when permitted) with ESRAG members.
  • Mine the webinars to discover the best of the best speakers for our own Webinar Series to run this spring. (See related article: “Fight Plastic: Watch and Rate.”)


If you have seen a webinar that might interest ESRAG members in general, or Plastic Solutions members in particular, please submit a link to Lori.Cloutier@ESRAG.org. If you can share a brief paragraph on the topic and what you liked about it, that would be appreciated.


With this call for help, we might leverage the enormous amount of work that took place to create important webinars during the last year, and help each other gain access to the knowledge we need to promote solutions to the problem of plastic waste.


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