A Plastic Resolution


I went to college. Arguably, I am not completely stupid.  So why am I having so much trouble remembering to bring a reusable container to restaurants for my leftovers?


I am Lori Cloutier, a Co-Chair of the Poulsbo Rotary Trashy Task Force and I’m dedicated to reducing plastic waste in the world. So why can’t I get my act together for this simple, simple task.  I’m not alone – many have confessed that the hardest part of switching to reusable grocery bags was remembering to bring the bags. After several failed attempts, I resorted to putting them on top of my purse until I built a solid habit. 


So I challenged myself to slow down, pay attention to this problem, and to do nothing else until I had executed a solution. My resolution: To equip myself with a reusable leftovers container, and always have it with me when needed. My method: I found a old, sectioned plastic container that would be perfect, then scrounged around for a small bag to hold it easily. I keep it with me, perfectly prepared to face the next leftovers emergency. 


 “A plastic container??” you might ask.  I would prefer a washable, reusable fiber material, but this imperfect solution involved using things I already had. No additional consumption of materials were involved in the creation of this solution.


Take the Doggie Bag Challenge! Find a method that works for you, take a photo, and post it to social media.  Please include these hashtags: 






Together we can outsmart those inanimate leftovers and their evil disposable partners.  Let’s leave the styro containers with the restaurant owners. (Extra brownie points if your solution does not involve purchasing something new.)


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