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Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group (ESRAG) inspires and empowers the Rotary Family with extensive expertise, networks, education and best practices to implement sustainable and impactful environmental projects.  These projects promote environmental sustainability, awareness of climate change, and actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to mitigate climate disruption.

We see a world where people unite and take action to protect the environment for a sustainable future.

With Your Help, We are Making The World a Better Place

They are out there — Rotary Clubs and individual members who are already dealing with the results of a world awash in plastic.  From reducing their own plastic footprint to educating future generations, they are making a difference.

Plastic Solutions hopes to shine a light on these Clubs by collecting and sharing their stories.  ‘
Please help us find these plastic heroes!  If you know of a Club project that addresses plastic in some way, please contact us, and we will help inspire others.

Our Mission & Approach

The ESRAG Plastic Solutions Taskforce is leveraging the power of Rotary to develop a global network to rethink and influence how we create, use, and dispose of plastic.

Plastic Solutions First Year Goals: Collect, Share and Help

  1. Collect and share program, project, and event examples, provide education and resources, and help Clubs learn, plan, and act to reduce plastic waste.
  2. Deploy tools in support of the first goal:
  • Launch a newsletter to share projects and provide links to important plastic research and resources.
  • Produce 4 webinars exploring difficult and complex plastic issues
  • Launch and promote a Plastic Solutions Speakers Bureau for Club and District presentations

In the process of creating these tools, our members will begin to connect, collaborate and discover best practices. During that process, and with our tools launched and functioning well, we will be in a position to identify interventions and design campaigns to promote their adoption by interested members and clubs. 


Project Categories: To help Clubs and Districts find projects, programs and events that best match their interests and needs, Plastic Solutions will index projects by category. Projects will often fall under more than one category, and Clubs will be encouraged to progress from simpler to more impactful projects.   After one year, the categories can be evaluated and changed as needed: 


A Letter from the Board

Welcome to ESRAG’s Plastics Solutions Web site !  This is a new group within ESRAG which brings together people who have been working on solutions for plastics pollution.  Plastic pollution is so widespread.  It affects our seas, fisheries, human health and is a drag on our industry.  It costs the world $13 billion annually in losses to tourism and fisheries as well as the cleanup costs.  Microplastics have been shown to affect human reproductive health with decreased fertility and an increased number of birth defects.  The inefficiencies in plastics utilization cost our economy additional billions of dollars per year.  This is truly a global problem.

I welcome you to the ESRAG Plastics Solutions Task Force where a dedicated group of Rotarians, Rotaracters and concerned individuals are working on solutions to the problem of plastics pollution.  Join us as we share club projects, as we provide educational information, and highlight new research on microplastics, toxicity issues, alternative disposal methods all the while promoting good work being done to rethink how we make, use and dispose of plastic.

Join us.

Rick Randolph MD

Rick Randolph MD

Chair, ESRAG

Rick Randolph MD

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