Demystifying Microplastics in Shellfish


Is the consumption of shellfish a threat to human health?  Learn the truth on Wed. Oct 26 when Sandra Shumway PhD, DSc of UCONN Groton’s Department of Marine Sciences presents, “Demystifying Microplastics in Shellfish”. 

Shumway has been compared to Rachel Carlson for her work on shellfish and aquaculture, harmful algae and microplastics.  To register, use the drop down menu to click on the Oct. 26th option after you  Click here.  Your confirmation and link will be sent. 

Time and Date: Wednesday October 26, 2022 1:00pm UTC (9:00am EDT) via zoom

Speaker Bio:  Dr. Sandra Shumway is a Research Professor Emerita of Marine Science at the University of Connecticut, USA. She received her Ph.D. and D.Sc. degrees from the University of Wales. She has authored over 180 peer-reviewed scientific publications, edited nine books, and currently serves as the Editor of the Journal of Shellfish Research (35 years) and Reviews in Fisheries Science and Aquaculture (10 years).

She previously served as Editor in Chief of the Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology (18 years) and is the founding editor of Harmful Algae (18 years). She has also written extensively for magazines,  newspapers, and others.

A former Marshall Scholar, Dr. Shumway’s most recent and current research is focused on the impacts of harmful algae on shellfish and aquaculture, feeding selectivity and strategies in bivalve molluscs, the control of aquatic nuisance species in marine aquaculture operations, and microplastics.

She has received numerous recognitions and awards including Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Long Island University Trustees Award for Lifetime Scholarly Achievement, the David Newton Award for Excellence in Teaching, is an Honored Life Member of the National Shellfisheries Association, an Aldo Leopold Leadership Fellow, Honorary Fellow University of Wales, and the World Aquaculture Society. Her latest book, Molluscan Shellfish Aquaculture: A Practical Guide, was recently published by 5M Publishers, UK.


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