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The build-out of ethane cracking plants in the United States has an effect on the entire planet and contributes greatly to the increase of new plastic production every year.  Beyond Plastics presents this free webinar about the petrochemical infrastructure build-out that’s unfolding in Pennsylvania and the greater Ohio River Valley, its implications for public and environmental health, and how you can help support the frontline activists working to prevent it from growing. Whether you are from the US or not, this problem and its mitigations are informative for all.


Beyond Plastics is a US-based non-profit focusing on eliminating single-use plastics. Its webinar promotion page says:

Decades of policy decisions contributed to the shale gas boom and now the petrochemical industry is eyeing the Ohio River Valley region as a production hub for single-use plastics made out of fracked gas, starting with Shell’s massive new ethane cracker in Monaca, Pennsylvania. The cracker facility is expected to come on line any day now and begin churning out billions of tiny plastic pellets called “nurdles”, along with lots of air pollution and greenhouse gasses. Fortunately, communities and organizations in the region are taking it upon themselves to monitor pollution from the Shell plant in the hopes of preventing future ethane crackers from moving in.

Learn more on the Beyond Plastics website, or REGISTER HERE.

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