Happy New Year 2022 !


In the face of a problem as daunting as the proliferation of plastic in our world, 2022 still gives us reasons to hope and work hard.

Just paying attention to packaging choices when buying for our homes, businesses and clubs helps send a message to retailers and manufacturers. 

Spreading awareness of microplastics, toxins, and the realistic limitations of recycling can rally the will to seek out alternatives for single use plastics.

These kinds of simple changes don’t just help the world, they are pleasing to the soul.  

May the approach of the New Year give you time to slow down, and consider how you wish to spend the next year of your life.

May that life be full with the joys of service, the love of family and friends….and maybe, we can hope, with a little less plastic in the world.


Happy New Year 2022 from Esrag Plastic Solution Task Force !

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