Helping Local Markets Reduce Plastics


Rotary Clubs can use their connections, influence, and even person-power to help their local markets and Farmer’s Markets reduce plastic. A new Toolkit makes it easy! 

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The Toolkit was created by three Go Green organizations in the state of Illinois, and contains customizable posters, letters and tips for vendors and shoppers. Jennifer Lucas, an Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group (ESRAG) member helped create the kit, and shared it with ESRAG Plastic Solutions, who adapted it slightly for a more global audience.

Jenny Futterman was a lead producer of the kit, and at a recent Plastic Solutions meeting said she was happy to share the document with Plastic Solutions, and hopes that Rotary Clubs will pick up the project to work with and collaborate with their local markets all over the world.   

While all markets have good reasons to avoid plastic to hold their fresh fruits and veggies, many markets in developing countries see traditional reusable baskets and containers  being replaced by plastic and “sachet” packing.  The trend is increasing litter, open burning and dumping in regions with little waste management infrastructure.

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