If the bath tub is overflowing


To stop plastic waste – we need to turn off the faucet. And right now, that faucet is gushing, faster than ever. Environmental cleanups are inspiring. They are fun and build community. But they can’t be the only action we take. Clean ups alone won’t keep up the pace.

Last year both plastic production and market value increased. According to the OECD, it will triple by 2060.  What can we do…now? To start – eliminate optional plastics.  What’s does optional mean? It means opt out of single use and opt for reusables. Think water dispensers and a “bring your own bottle” culture.  Think reusable cutlery – it’s easy to wash after an event – especially if you hold a “Wash Up” party. Or, a run through a home dishwasher does the trick.

For Rotarians, eliminating single-use plastics and disposables at meetings, events and fundraisers is community leadership. It’s a must. We can lead by the example of how to turn down the plastic faucet. 

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