#Ifixtheplanet challenge


Dear participant of the #Ifixtheplanet challenge in 2021 !

we are happy to announce that our second round has already started. Deadline 31st of October 2022, 23.59 UTC .

Think, vote, upload your update!

more publicity! using RI-Institute 5th Nov.22 with Rotary International president Jennifer JONES

more interaction!  by using simple VR technology

more visibility of your carbon reduction impact by using App: http://esrag.org/irotree/

Rotary International President Jennifer JONES and former Rotary International President Holger KNAACK and the whole team are all curious about the development of your project.

They will attend the presentation of the winners at the Rotary International Institute in Basel, Europe at the 5th of november: https://www.rotary-institute-basel.com

During that institute more than 14 nations, 60 districts, governor elects and nominees will see the exhibition of your first contributions and your update.

Make an update video until 31st october. Same format: 100 sec, landscape-format.

All participants will be placed in a database connected to iRoTree. This can even measure your carbon footprint impact !

You can meet other teams in our ifixtheplanet VR-Room https://framevr.io/ifixtheplanet

There you can exchange your thoughts, your SWAT´s and learn from each other.

Thank you for your support! Looking forward to your 2nd film. If there are questions don’t hesitate to ask us.

Your Project Team of #Ifixtheplanet 

Rob Anderson, Leonie Böker, Klas Holmlund, Marius Horstick, Carlos Montoya,, Lisa Catrin Müller, Ulrich Schenck, Sophie Wasserkordt, and Ludwig Kalthoff

homepage with NEW URL https://ifixtheplanet.com (previous: .org)

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