Make it a “Bring your own cup” event !


BYOC – Bring Your Own Cup is a worldwide trend with a huge environmental payoff and the potential to add camaraderie and fun to Rotary meetings and events. Just a couple of tips: publicize early and often, award with coupons, discounts or hearty thanks, and remember: habits don’t just change overnight – but they can change!


Some groups that value waste reduction make a group decision to bring their own beverage containers to all of their gatherings, and make that act a part of their group’s identity and culture.  Besides reducing the temptation to use disposables, BYOC and BYOG (Glass) events save time and money – no racks of wine glasses to wash after that wine social!  


How to get started?  In the early stages of planning a new event, ask the question: “Can we figure out how to make this a BYOG event?”  The Rotary Club of Poulsbo is a breakfast Club attempting to encourage people to bring their travel mugs to the meeting, and refill there.  To promote the activity in a fun and positive way, they take pictures of members with their mugs – and show their “Mug Shots”  during the slide presentation loop that runs prior to the start of their meeting.


If you are a member of an organization that brings their own, please write to and let us know.  It’s time to start a planet-healthy trend!

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