Near-0 waste


Is the idea of Zero Waste too intimidating to imagine for your Club meetings and fundraisers?  Then consider the concept of Near-0 Waste:

  1. Look at what you are using and ask, “Do we really need this?” (Lids, straws, goodie bags, etc,)
  2. Use environmentally friendly options for the things you can’t live without. (Finger foods that do not require tableware, water dispensers and reusable cups) 
  3. Tackle the easy things first.
  4. Borrow don’t buy. If you buy, consider lending to others in the future.
  5. Ask people to bring their own bottles, mugs or glasses.
  6. Switch to reusables whenever possible.
  7. Make it easy for participants to recycle right for your area.
  8. Make sure that trash, compost and recycling bins are always together to avoid frustration and contamination.  


At first glance, Zero Waste can look a bit “all or nothing”.  The enormity of waste produced at even a simple festival can cause a group to give up before even starting.  A Near-O Waste  attitude encourages questioning, problem solving, exploring options, and then choosing the most easy changes first, making progress in stages, and improving every time.


Examples and tips:


Coming Soon:  The Surprising First Step for All Near-0 Waste Rotary Meetings and Events


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