Our Planet Our Future Mindful Eating


Today over 20 people from around the globe participated in Our Planet Our Future, Mindful Eating for Our Health and the Health of the Planet with speakers Paul van Egen, CEO Our Planet Our Future, and Dr. Lilian Cheung, Harvard School of Public Health.

Organized by ESRAG’s Plant Rich Diet Task Force and RCAT. Our Planet, Our Future, Mindful Eating: A Global Initiative of Faith, Business and Civil society leaders from all parts of the Earth to encourage global communities to adopt mindful eating as a simple and sustainable lifestyle to reduce our collective carbon footprint. Learn more about this exciting initiative from our our compelling speakers, Paul Van Engan, CEO of Our Planet, Our Future and Lilian Cheung, Director of Health Promotion and Communication at Harvard School of Public Health. Presented by the ESRAG Plant Rich Diet Task Force.


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