Restaurants can choose to use less plastics


@Beyondplasticsbennington just released a FREE guide to help restaurants reduce plastic.

With 15 million metric tons of plastic entering the ocean each year, it’s clear that we need to turn off the plastic tap. And restaurants can play a large role in addressing our plastic pollution crisis. 

This FREE guide includes practical real world advice for front- and back-of-house, including where to purchase reusable take out containers, options to collect and wash reusable dishware and to-go ware, where to find funding, calculate costs, communicate these changes to customers, environmental impacts🌱, and more!

Download the FREE guide at: Hold The Plastic, Please – A Restaurant’s Guide To Reducing Plastic — Beyond Plastics – Working To End Single-Use Plastic Pollution to share with your local restaurants!  While targeted for restaurants, it also has ideas that can be useful for anyone hoping to reduce plastic in their organizations and special events.

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