Rotary International Presidential Conference in Venice


Rotary International Presidential Conference in Venice, led by Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta (2021/22) will address the important topic of how economies can rebuild better in such a way however that we ensure we address the increasingly critical aspect of protection of our environment. Businesses need to transition to a mode of operation which protects and enhances the environment, in a genuine manner – no green washing.  Processes need to be improved and businesses need to create more sustainable products and services.

See a more detailed explanation of the theme.

Hear from leaders in business how they are planning to make this change. Venice, itself under environmental siege from rising water levels associated with climate change, is a perfect setting for the only European Presidential conference.

Rotary Foundation’s addition of the Environment as its 7th strategic pillar through its inclusion as one of its Areas of Focus, combined with the need for economic recovery in a post-COVID world, provides an excellent opportunity led by Shekhar Mehta, President Rotary International 2021-22.

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