The 4 way test on climate change


1: Is it the truth ?  The climate crisis isa fact acknowledged by over 95%, of the world’s climate scientists. Destructive weather and rising sea levels give clear, observational testimony to the facts.

2: It is fair to all concerned ? The climate crisis will be completely UN-fair to everyone, everywhere, but the poor and vulnerable will be impacted first and hardest. It is especially unfair to all future generations.

3: Will it build good will and better friendship ?  If we, as Rotarians and Rotaractors, take action to help slow and stop climate change, it will absolutely build good will and better friendship. And those actions will attract the younger generation to Rotary membership.

4: Will be beneficial to all concerned ?  If we do not act, it will be detrimental to all concerned, if we do act, it will be more beneficial to everyone, everywhere , than anything else Rotary can do, by preserving the livability of our little blue planet.

NOAA data. We cannot stay on this trend line, we must to act !


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