There is no Plan(et) B !


Rotary, through its new focus area “Protecting our Environment”, challenges Rotarians to get involved in the climate change crisis, by taking action.

Scientists tell us that we will ruin the livability of earth for all future generations, within the next 80 years, if we do not change course.

That includes our kids and grandkids. Think about that ! 

We are ruining their world with our inaction. But Rotary and Rotarians can make a difference, just as we have done with Polio, if we decide to act !

If we do not get this right, all of Rotary’s good work in the world will be for naught.

You are invited to investigate what is being done by Rotary clubs around the world, an to consider starting a Rotary Climate Change Action Team (RCAT) in your club !

To begin, simply visit and explore the site to learn our mission, how to start your RCAT, and about project ideas, just as with Polio, you and your club can make a real difference in preserving a livable world.


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