Use water coolers & washable cups



The New Normal: Instead of loading up on cases of plastic bottles, fill your Rotary water coolers and provide washable and reusable cups, or invite participants to bring their own refillable bottles!  (Pictured here: aluminum cups, chosen by Poulsbo Rotary because they are washable and reusable until worn out, then 100% recyclable.  Unlike plastic, aluminum can be recycled an infinite number of times.)


Why not use “compostable” plastic cups?  Because the local composter would not accept compostable plastics for many reasons.  One is because if they accept them, their compost can’t be used by organic farmers, many brands did not break down, the label terminology is not well defined, and because of undisclosed additives to bio-based resins that are not necessarily good in food-growing soils.

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