Immediate Volunteer Needs As of September 1, 2021


Admin help:  Determine which PS members have not completed the PS Contact/Experience Forms, and send email invitations to encourage them to complete the form.  This will help us find each other, connect and collaborate, but this on-going project will require monitoring and tender loving care.

Professional Literature Watchers:  1)  Help compile a list of journals, bulletins, media and other sources of breaking news on plastic issues.  2)  Then, assist in developing a team of members to divide and monitor this list, and forward pertinent articles and videos to the Plastic Solutions Link Farm: a shared, searchable spreadsheet of plastic information.

Webinar Reviewers:  Receive a webinar to review, and complete a simple form to evaluate the webinar as a whole, then review each panelist or speaker.  This job might appeal to people who enjoy learning, like flexible projects, and are not incapasitated by forms.  Do one a month, one a week, or more.  The purpose is to find webinars to recommend to ESRAG and P.S. members, and to find the “best of the best ” speakers and topics for our own webinar development.

Writers, presenters, photographers and graphic designers:  Contribute your creative talents to generate the fodder for newsletters, presentations, social media, and other communications.  Contact Lori Cloutier to informally discuss your talents and Plastic Solutions needs.

Zoom Directors:  Be part of a team to help conduct Zoom meetings, presentations and webinars. Volunteers should be technically competent and experienced, or willing to be taught.

Zooplankton Photographers:  Shoot or find stunning photos of zooplankton with microfibers in their digestive tracts.  Yeah, this is a thing.  Photos must be high resolution, royalty free, and able to be shared for free or for very small cost.


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