Why we need a UN Treaty on Plastic Pollution


This just in: The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has published a White Paper that explores the need for a new global treaty on plastic pollution.  It outlines three key messages for policy makers:


  • Eliminate all problematic and unnecessary plastic items we do not need
  • Innovate to ensure that the plastics we do need are reusable, recyclable or compostable
  • Circulate all plastics items we use to keep them in the economy and out of the environment


These three points are key to EMF’s position that voluntary agreements are not enough to stem the flood of plastic that is overwhelming the environment, and that a new UN Treaty is needed.


According to EMF, 104 national governments, 2 million individuals and 20 financial institutions have already called for a UN treaty to deal with the growing plastic problem.  It urges people to sign the WWF’s petition for a UN agreement to end the plastic pollution crisis.


Download the white paper, and consider sharing with your ESRAG Regional Chapter, friends, family, and of course, your Rotary Club.  It explores the need for using circular economy principles, the limitations of the existing industry and policy initiatives, the vision of what such a treaty might look like, and the existing efforts that might lay a path towards a treaty. 


The plastic problem is a global problem — global solutions make sense.


Link: Ellen MacArthur Foundation News

Link: WWF

Esrag Plastics Task Force

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